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Embracing the Future: Clara Hawking, Head of Artificial Intelligence at Globeducate, Visits IPS Cascais

Embracing the Future: Clara Hawking, Head of Artificial Intelligence at Globeducate, Visits IPS Cascais

Clara Hawking, Head of Artificial Intelligence at Globeducate, visited IPS Cascais this week as part of her tour of the three Globeducate schools, in Portugal. The visits mark a significant step toward understanding and integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into our educational offering in a responsible and safe way.

Clara, an expert in the field of AI, joined Globeducate in September 2023 and teachers at the schools had already joined her first staff training webinar earlier in the academic year. The purpose of her visit this week was to engage with pupils, teachers, and parents, conducting informative sessions and shedding light on the ethical implications of AI in education as well as the opportunities this new technology presents for learning now and in the future. The sessions aimed to demystify AI, emphasising its potential applications, and laid the groundwork for future integration at IPS Cascais.

Clara Hawking also met with the school´s senior leadership team focused on the implementation of AI policies and strategies at the school, ensuring a seamless integration aligned with educational goals.

Mr Christopher Starling, Executive Director of School, said:
"It was fantastic hosting Clara Hawking at IPS Cascais where she led workshops on Artificial Intelligence for parents, pupils, and staff. Artificial Intelligence is a concept that will shape our educational world and it is vital that we understand its benefits and its dangers. Clara's knowledge and experience is incredible, and I know that our school community benefited from the time she gave to us. Thank you, Clara"

The vision for AI in Globeducate schools encompasses a future where AI enhances traditional teaching methods rather than replaces them. Experiences at various Globeducate schools worldwide demonstrate the positive impact AI can have on creativity, problem-solving skills, and overall student engagement. You can listen to Chief Education Officer Daniel Jones speak to the Times Educational Supplement editor Dan Worth in a recent podcast – click here.

Shape AI: Hi!Ai challenge

During the visit, insights were shared into Globeducate's ambitious AI project, the Hi!Ai Challenge, currently underway in 12 schools globally in its first phase. This project aims to empower students, fostering their ability to shape the future by integrating AI into their education. IPS Cascais eagerly anticipates joining this initiative in the near future, aligning with our commitment to providing students with cutting-edge opportunities. This would be a transformative step, empowering our students to become leaders in world that will become increasingly impacted by AI.

We look forward to navigating the frontier of AI in education, ensuring that IPS Cascais remains at the forefront of providing a future-ready education for our students.

About Clara Hawking, Head of Artificial Intelligence for Globeducate
Clara holds a Master of Computer Science from the University of Stockholm with a focus on inclusion in Learning Management Systems and machine learning, then further specialising in AI at Master Level, which has equipped her with a keen understanding of the ethical implications of AI technology in education. She also holds a Master´s degree in Practical Philosophy and Applied Ethics with a thesis concerning CRS at Dell computers, a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a Master of Theology in Peace and Conflict Resolution, and a Ph. D candidacy in Political Philosophy and Psychology.
Clara also holds an executive certificate in Accelerating Digital Innovation from the Stockholm School of Economics. She has a passion for volunteering, which is evident through her role a voluntary Director of ICT and Digitalisation at an educational organisation in Kenya. Clara´s appointment reinforces Globeducate´s unwavering commitment to holding a position and will lead on all educational policies, programmes, guidance, training, and curricula initiatives for AI, as the group demonstrates its commitment to navigating the frontier of AI in education.