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Assessment and reporting

Ongoing teacher assessments supported by external standardised tests are used to track pupils' progress in all subject areas.

Continuous assessment

Assessment is at the heart of our practice. Of course, our teachers are continually assessing and amending their practice in every lesson, each day. This ongoing formative assessment is then collated through “Sonar Tracker”. Key Performance Indicators in each subject are assessed each half term, and the pupil trackers are updated in all curriculum areas, ensuring that we are continually aware of our pupils’ next steps in learning and focus on progress. 

External assessment

The school also moderates and validates its levels of attainment through a wide range of standardised external tests provided by GL Education. GL testing is trusted by international schools in the UK and over 100 countries. The tests help:

  • Highlight strengths and gaps in reading and core subjects
  • Reveal barriers to learning
  • Identify and support children with additional educational needs
  • Provide evidence of progress
  • Deliver evidence of whole school improvement
  • Directly inform teaching strategies

In Mathematics, PTM assesses two dimensions of Maths learning: 

  1. Mathematical content knowledge (Curriculum Content category).
  2. Understanding and applying mathematical processes through reasoning and problem solving (Process Category). Test results are useful to pupils who will continue with their education in the English National Curriculum, informing them of their ability within these subjects. 

International schools worldwide recognise these tests as a benchmark of quality assurance. 

We are incredibly proud of recent test results, evidence that our curriculum and approach to education are both sound and successful. Our results for the end of the last school year can be found in the table below, but if you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

School progress test results - June 2022

The SAS is based on the pupil’s raw score, which has been adjusted for age and placed on a scale that compares with the standardisation sample of pupils of the same age. The average score is 100. 

 The Stanine is a measure between 1 and 9, with the average level between Stanine 4 and 5. As you can see, the averages at the school are exceptionally high.

Average Results by Year



  SAS Stanine SAS Stanine
English (PTE) 112.2 6.5 114.5 6.8
Maths (PTM) 113.7 6.8 112.6 6.6


Close links between home and school are crucial to a child’s education and well-being. We continually liaise with parents to ensure they are informed about their children's and partners' progress in tier education. We offer formal points of contact every six weeks by alternating parent-teacher consultation evening mid-term with school reports at the end of each term. 
Of course, in addition to these formal arrangements, our staff regularly liaises with parents. Parents can now also access weekly updates on the learning that is taking place in the classroom in each class and every subject through our internal VLE site.