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IPS Cascais British International School is proud to announce its annual extracurricular programme, VivaHUB, designed to empower our children to discover their passion. VivaHUB isn't just a list of after-school clubs; it is an exciting, vibrant programme in which children can continue exploring, learning and growing in various key areas.

VivaHUB is a wonderful opportunity for our children to find new hobbies and interests. The programme will open them up to new experiences, or hone their skills in an area they already have a passion for. We know that life can get busy and VivaHUB provides that additional care that can assist parents when managing their work-home balance.

The aim of VivaHUB is to unleash the potential within every individual child.
Through the variety of clubs and the themes they represent, it's a programme where creativity isn't confined; where the beauty of different cultures is celebrated; where innovation is encouraged; where self-expression is valued; and where well-being takes centre stage.

We hope that VivaHUB brings that spark into your child's routine and motivates them now and in the future. See them become a "jack-of-all-trades" or perhaps a "master-of-one".


is derived from Latin that means “live” or “long live”. It brings a sense of liveliness, energy, and excitement to our after-school program dynamic learning environment.


a school community where students can collaborate and explore various activities. It implies a sense of connection, shared experiences, and a supportive network.

VivaHUB - Unleash your potential!

VivaHUB invites each student on a journey of self-discovery. Seize opportunities and participate in a variety of clubs, or focus yourself to achieve your full potential. There is a scenario available for every child.

Student wants to explore an activity.

Student is ready to enhance their skills in an area of interest

Student is focused and enjoying a single activity

Before enrolling into an activity, it’s important to understand what your child is interested in and what they might want to try. Some children might know what their passions are, while others are still finding their niche. All clubs are appropriate for beginners, as well as those students who have had experience in the past.

  1. Explore level: the initial stage of learning or engagement with an activity; it’s a phase of curiosity and discovery;
  2. Expand level: learners have acquired a foundational knowledge and skills and are ready to delve deeper into the activity;
  3. Unleash level: students who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, commitment, and talent are presented with the opportunity to reach the pinnacle of maestry and expertise.




For performer potential
Expressing yourself fully discovering the power creative and self-expression.

 Discovering Dance
IMPS ◼ Jazz Dance ◼ Sing-Along Club

For creative potential
Unleash your imagination and let your creativity soar as you bring your ideas to life, express yourself and discover the artist within.

Art & Crafts ◼ Eco-Multicrafts ◼ Kniting Club
Scrafts 4 Fun ◼ Tile Painting

For cultural potential
Embark on cultural journey where you'll embrace diverse cultures, languages, and stories, gaining a deeper understanding of the world around you.

 Chinese Club ◼ Cooking Club
Magic Club

For innovative potential
Embark on an exciting quest of discovery and unlock a world of possibilities.

Go Wild! ◼ Lego Club ◼ Math Club
The Inventors

For athletic potential
Fuel your passion for sports as you build strength, develop new skills, and experience friendly competition, all while fostering teamwork and sportsmanship.

 Basketball ◼ Fencing ◼ Football
Jungle Gym ◼ Karate ◼ Multisports
Rugby Tots ◼ Running Club ◼ Tennis