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Terms and Conditions

IPS General Terms and Conditions 

[General Terms & Conditions available in Portuguese on request]

Admissions and Payment Regulations

To be read in conjunction with the IPS General Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of a student

The school requires completion of the admission form prior to consideration of a place for a student. This would normally follow an interview with the parents and the child.

A provisional place will be communicated in writing, together with details of the next steps in the registration process (as detailed below). Parents are encouraged and welcome to visit the school before accepting any places offered. After having received notification of a provisional reservation of a place, parents are requested to complete and sign the registration form and return it to the school together with the enrolment fee, registration fee, medical form, a copy of the most recent school report, and a copy of the child's identification.

Admission is only guaranteed when payment of the enrolment and registration fees and the completed documentation has been received by the school. The school reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a place if the necessary documentation is not received at the specified time, or if all relevant information is not disclosed.

Once the registration process has been completed, the child is deemed to be enrolled in the school. If for any reason the child does not attend, the enrollment and registration fees are not refundable and the first term ́s fees are still payable.

Registration fee

The registration fee is an annual charge, which will be invoiced with the summer terms invoice or with the enrolment fee for new pupils. The payment of the registration fee is required to guarantee a place for the following school year. The registration fee is not refundable.

Tuition fees

The tuition fees are based on the class in which the child is placed, and for the Nursery classes, on the number of days attended. Fees quoted may be subject to variation prior to commencement or during the course of the school year if conditions prove necessary.


Discounts on the tuition fees are granted for the second and subsequent children from the same family attending school at the same time. The yearly discount only applies to payments made in full before the first day of the school year. Should payments not be made by this date, this discount shall be rescinded.


Refunds for tuition fees will not be given if the school is forced to close because of either government directive or other circumstances beyond our control. Refunds will be given for any lunch or transport service the school has not been able to provide. Refunds are credited for lunch when children are away for 3 days or more due to an authorized absence agreed with the school.

Payment Conditions

Payment of the school fees and other related charges is due ON or BEFORE the first day of each term by cheque, cash (according to the financial transaction limit in force at the time set by the Bank of Portugal), or bank transfer (all bank charges borne by the payer). Payments made by TICKET, EDENRED, or UP PORTUGAL should be made 4 weeks prior to the first day of each term to allow time for processing.

Parents who wish to make alternative arrangements for the payment of the school fees should contact the General Manager. If alternative arrangements are not made and payment has not been received by the first day of term, then the school reserves the right to charge interest on all fees outstanding after that day. 

Acceptance of a student for less than a full term

If a student enrolls within the first half of any term, a full term’s fee is charged. If a student enrolls in the second half of any term a half-term’s fee is charged.

Notice of withdrawal of a student

Notice of withdrawal should be received by the school in writing, at least 90 calendar days before the expected departure date of the student.

Withdrawal of a student during the term

If, after compliance with the condition Notice of withdrawal of a student, a student leaves within the first half of any term, a half-term’s fee is charged. If a student leaves in the second half of any term a full ‘s fee is charged.

Payment in lieu of notice

Should notice of withdrawal not be received by the school at the time specified, then the school has the right to charge one term’s fee in lieu of notice. All reports and forwarding documentation shall be withheld until such time as payment has been made in full.

Right to remove a student

The school reserves the right to require the removal or suspension of a student at any time if it is deemed necessary in the interests of either the school or the student. No remission of fees will be granted for the remainder of the term during which the student has been removed or suspended.