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School environment and facilities

IPS Primary moved into purpose-built, eco-friendly premises in September 2010. Our Secondary School build is underway and we have enrolled our first Secondary pupils! Our buildings are designed to benefit children and arranged to create a ‘village feel’, helping them to feel safe, included, and confident.

IPS Cascais Primary School

The building has no stairs, making all areas, both inside and out, easily accessible for young children and adults alike. Spacious classrooms have access to outside areas to make the most of the beautiful weather in Portugal. Separate play areas for different age groups ensure that children develop confidence amongst peers.

The large central ‘atrium’ is used for shows, art exhibitions, PTA events, and as a parent social area at the beginning and end of the day.

Display boards positioned in classrooms and common areas ensure children’s work is prominently displayed throughout the school giving a vibrant, colourful atmosphere to the rooms and a sense of pride in the children whose work is displayed.

Sustainable primary school

The eco-features of the building led to staff and children learning and developing an understanding of sustainability eg. opening windows and vents and using the weather to cool or heat classrooms rather than switching on heaters or air conditioners. 
Our Primary School features Trombe walls, green roofs, and other eco-features. It was built using the guiding principles detailed in LiderA, a voluntary system for the assessment of sustainable construction.

IPS Cascais Secondary School

IPS is growing! Our Secondary School opened in 2022. Following consistent requests from our parents for Secondary provision, we have enrolled our first senior pupils! We’re excited to extend the education of our pupils at IPS Cascais beyond Primary and to prepare them for university.

The construction of our beautiful new purpose-built Secondary School is underway.

The new building, situated close to our Primary School, will open its doors in 2024. It is here that we’ll set the highest standards in education by building on strong foundations set in the Primary phase. Primary and Secondary are the same school, with the same spirit, and we will deliver holistic, high-quality education in a caring atmosphere across all age groups.