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Excellence in British education at IPS Cascais

As a British International School, IPS Cascais focuses on the English National Curriculum delivered within an international context. Pupils benefit from the traditions and heritage of a British-style education, blended with a global outlook and our convivial atmosphere.

Our educational approach combines the quality and values of British education with a commitment to collaborative learning and developing critical and creative thinking skills. Pupils receive the dedicated attention and support they need to access every part of the curriculum. With 40 years of experience, parents can have confidence that IPS Cascais will make every effort to ensure their children achieve their personal best.

Encouraging independent learning

Educational excellence is a key element of the British education system, and it is a goal that extends beyond pure academic achievement. Field trips, homework, and team sports form part of our co-curricular offer, while extracurricular activities, from sporty to cerebral, all contribute and encourage pupils to develop into well-rounded individuals.

As a school, we encourage young people to take an interest in the wider world, to think independently, and form their own opinions while always respecting their fellow pupils and teachers alike.

British education at IPS Cascais

The English National Curriculum encourages young people to interact with and explore the world around them, to think independently and form points of view, and to respect and communicate intelligently with others.

Pupils are taught how to solve problems, how to work effectively as part of a team, and how to think critically and creatively; essential skills that they will eventually take with them into the workplace. They are given plenty of opportunities to learn outside of the classroom, from going on school trips and attending cultural and international Globeducate events.

At all stages, our teachers are university-qualified, fluent English speakers, and have teaching certificates. The majority are British, and all have experience teaching the National Curriculum of England.

A STEAM approach to learning

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. STEAM is an interdisciplinary approach to inquiry-based learning that has become very popular in all learning settings across the past 10 years. Following a STEAM approach means encouraging pupils to explore and experience the world in practical ways through experimentation, inspiring dialogue, and critical thinking from the earliest stages of education.

Our highly-qualified and experienced teachers naturally integrate a STEAM mindset into their lesson planning throughout our early years and primary classes. This involves promoting collaborative activities that support more theoretical learning, putting lessons into the context of the ‘real world.’ Examples of STEAM-led lessons include plotting the movement of the sun or working out how to make a bridge strong enough to walk across.


Mougins School STEAM

Key principles 

Teaching at all British International Schools is underpinned by these four pillars:


We provide a broad, balanced curriculum to allow pupils to discover and develop their talents, as well as the perspectives of others.


A great education equips pupils to face challenges with tenacity and resilience. We build character with every experience to allow pupils to reach their individual potential.


The coming decades present extraordinary opportunities and challenges. We believe every pupil can contribute to a more just and more sustainable future using their own unique talents.


We focus on empowering our pupils so that they can discover what success means for them. IPS is an environment where pupils can unlock their potential and thrive in the pursuit of success as a foundation for fulfillment.

SEND provision

Several additional teachers are on-hand to support classroom teachers. IPS Cascais has high expectations for all its children, and with the help of these additional teachers, all children can perform to the best of their ability.

Should children require further specialist help, the school has a comprehensive team of educational specialists it can call upon within the local area. The cost of this additional intervention is usually borne by the parents or guardians of the child.

IPS Cascais rituals and traditions

Children join a British-style House system when they enter Year 1 or above and remain in their House throughout their time with us. All children from the same family are placed in the same House to avoid complications at home!

There are four Houses at IPS Cascais, created by the children, with logos designed and drawn by them  - Mar, Terra, Floresta, and Sol.The houses promote team spirit and a sense of belonging, and they are incorporated into our enrichment programmes, sports days, and educational initiatives.